Welcome, I'm Lauren. Storyteller, creator and marketing leader.

Passionate about brands and telling their stories.

My creative career has been in fluid motion for over 8 years, growing and changing with time. My titles include professional photographer and videographer, content creator, social media specialist/manager/strategist and communications/marketing leader.

Every brand has a story and every brand needs a creative professional to lean on in order to bring their story to life, online. This is where I come in. And I'm very good at it.

image of people doing barre class workout in Edmonton, Alberta


Fact 1

I am the founder of an Edmonton-based ethical clothing brand called Gus Sloan that was sold to an employee in 2021.


Fact 2

I am serious about circular fashion and am an avid thrift/vintage/secondhand shopper. I am always on the hunt for more vintage!


Fact 3

What kind of Photographer am I? A photographer of people. I love capturing personalities and in-between moments.


Fact 4

I love documentaries and it certainly comes through in my video/content style. What story am I telling and how can I best capture that realness?