You and your brand deserve the best.

From our first chat to service execution, I want the process to be simple and efficient - I know how busy you are. Let's get the ball rolling and we'll get down to business (er, enhancing your business) as quickly and as seamlessly as we can.

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A few of my titles - past and present

{to keep it credible}

Professional Photographer and Videographer


Content Creator

Social Media Specialist

Social Media Strategist

Social Media Manager

Director of Communications and Marketing

Communications and Marketing Coordinator

UX Designer


Friend of AI

My approach - creative contractor services



First step! Have a look at my availability and schedule a time to meet.



I look forward to meeting you! We’ll have our initial meeting to discuss your goals and chat about the process. This can be in-person or virtual - dealers choice!


Proposal Overview

Our next meeting will be for the proposal presentation/overview. This will generally take 1-2 weeks from the time of our initial meeting.


Contract Start

Once everything is finalized, it's time to get to work! We will agree upon your contract terms, get things signed and be ready to begin!

Creative Contract Clients - past and present


I am on a tight budget, can I afford your services?

I have pre-determined pricing options as well as an option to customize pricing to suit your needs and stay within your budget. Reach out and we can see what we can do while honouring your price limits.

Is there a minimum contract period?

Everything is customizable, but I recommend a contract period of 3 months minimum. This is a good baseline for implementation, execution and consistency.

I just want to book a photoshoot, is that something you still offer?

Absolutely! I am still offering my famous "mini sessions" on weekends. Availability will be limited though, so I suggest booking well in advance!

Do you work only with businesses in your local region (Edmonton)?

I am open to working with businesses outside of my geographic range, but this would limit the content I am able to create (ex. if video capture needs to be done in person and I am far away). It's always worth a conversation, though. After all, I am highly skilled at finding creative solutions to problems!

Can you join our staff as a permanent employee?

Currently, I am offering contract services only. I am happy to chat about the benefits of hiring a contractor vs. bringing on a permanent employee!

Do you have a question?

Reach out anytime! I am happy to chat about how we can work together.